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Saturday, October 2, 2021

August/September Busy Busy!!

  Hi All,

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At the end of July my friends Mike and Lonnie were passing through and stopped for the night to visit me! They had a crazy day with 2 front tires blowing out one after the other. When they finally made it here a huge storm moved in. It was the biggest storm we had since I've been here! We rode it out with some beer and pizza. It was great to see them!

The storm hit just as we got the pizza (delivered)

That storm did a lot of damage in several areas of Colorado. It dumped a ton of rain in a very short time. It created mudslides, the worst being east of here on I-70. It also cause big mudslides at one of our state parks in Rifle, Co. I ended up going up there with another guy for 4 very long days. We brought the mini excavator and the skid steer. I got a lot of seat time in the skid steer clearing 3 to 4 feet of mud off a road to make it passable and cutting ditches along the roads to divert water of future storms.

Buried gate on the right....I started clearing the road

Finally got a road cut through

Co worker clearing debris and cutting a ditch on the hill

This doe just sat there watching us

Threw the track (I didn't do it!!) a lot of rocks out there! I am inside working the controls (can you see me?).

I was getting pretty good cutting ditches, not as easy as it looks

Last day there went to check out Rifle Falls!
It was a good experience and I was glad to help!

I got "home" just a few hours before my sister and brother in law were due to arrive. They stayed almost a week. It was a fun filled, action packed week to say the least. Here's a few pictures. It was great seeing them!

We walked in to town....

I took my sister out on the SS Minnow, put her to work. I was fishing. Didn't catch anything but it was fun!

We went on a bike ride...

Took them up on the Monument....

We did a trip up to the Grand Mesa.....

We went to a fun hometown rodeo!

We hiked the monument canyon loop...really nice!

Their last night here we walked to town for dinner and the final concert of the season in the park.

Once they left it was back to "work".....
We sprayed all the fences! 26 gallons of stain!
Had to clean all the mud off the skid steer from Rifle

This guy came out to meet us while spraying the fence, not scared at all, kept following us!
Had a tree down at our other park....

THen we have also been dealing with a beaver that has been attacking our trees! We are gonna have to trap him.......

Fresh tree kill by the beaver, not good!

Still loving the views here....

Soooo now that it's been well over a year that I have been RV full timing I decided to get rid of my storage unit in Nevada. I have no plans of moving out of my RV in the near or distant future! So off I went on the 2 day journey to get there(700 miles each way). I spent the first night at a casino hotel. Upon check in they gave me this free cocktail coupon!
So after I got settled in my room I headed for the bar. I picked a spot to sit down, ordered my drink and then noticed the machine in front of me still had $20 on it!! So I of course hit "Cash Out" LOL!! I never have this kind of luck. Then the bartender gave me another free drink. So I had 3 drinks for $5 and walked away with $20. Which paid for my dinner!!

I got to Nevada the next day where I met my sister. She helped me with the storage unit which we sold everything we could and donated the rest!

I stayed with her in her little camper van "lulu". It was very cozy LOL! It was good to see her again!

Well that brings you up to date. I am getting ready to spend the winter here. It is supposed to be really cold, so we'll see how it goes.

Stay well everybody!!! Until next time.......

Saturday, July 24, 2021

June/July 2021

 Hi All,

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So June started out with me getting certified in First Aid and CPR....

Then the concert in the park started! Every Thursday night until August there is a free concert in the park downtown. It's a short walk from my "home". We bring a chair and cooler of beer and relax with good music then walk home!

This is the walk to the park, crosses over the freeway, that's my shadow, I'm waving! LOL!

Then the food truck Friday started, more fun!

And of course the Saturday morning farmers market....

Yummy spicy pretzels at the farmers market!

Managed to get a few more hikes in....

Love these rocks just sitting there!

Critter tracks

This next hike was 8 miles, part of it ran along the river....This hike turned out to be quite an adventure...

Saw this weird trailer in the parking lot, the door is in the front

Saw some critters

Another critter peeking out of the hole

Had to hike down this very rocky part

Looking up at the rocky part

Loved the part along the river, there were some rafters down there

Half way through the hike was break time and noticed the very angry looking sky coming my way. I still had 4 miles to go so cut the break short and hit the trail....

Unfortunately the storm was moving faster then I was and caught up to me when I was still 2 1/2 miles out. It was a downpour with thunder and lightning. There wasn't really any place to hunker down so I just continued to hike in the storm. It was a bit spooky!

This picture shows my route and my pace (going clock wise) you can see how I stepped it up on the way back haha!!

I got completely drenched! Then the rain stopped, go figure.

Also managed to get some fishing in. With the rising temperatures the fish were staying in deeper water out in the lake so it was time to launch the (blow up) SS Minnow, really enjoy floating around the lake catching fish!

Omg! Time is flying by!! July 1st marked one year living in my RV on the road!! I still love this life!

July 4th is celebrated on July 3rd here. The fireworks are staged right across the river from the park I am in. The town flocked to the park all day setting up their chairs and BBQ's. The place was packed. I basically had front row seat right from my camp spot....the fireworks were great!

I built a cold works great! I have smoked chicken, pork and cream cheese, yup cream cheese was really good!! It was all good. Need to catch some fish to smoke!

The county fair started. It was the worst fair I have ever been to. It was free to enter and I found out why, there was nothing there! A couple of food trucks, about 5 tables selling stuff and then mostly 4H animal stuff going on. It was very strange but I did manage to see the strongman show before leaving!

Blew out a flip flop, hate when that happens!

The senior park ranger had a BBQ at his house for all of the staff here. It was really nice. They have 5 acres outside of town and lots of animals including this cool tortoise! At first I thought it was a cool rock but then it moved!

"Work" has been busy! I got a lot of time in using the bobcat and tractor. Then we had to fix an irrigation leak on a main line that was leaking under the road, it took 3 of us 2 1/2 days to get it done. Replaced 80' of 6" pipe!
Lots of tree trimming, moving dirt for 2 new campsites we built in the shop yard, etc....needless to say I needed a new pair of gloves haha!!

We also noticed some trees in the tent camping area were chewed on by a beaver. We spotted his home out on the river....

And last but definitely not least I went through a crazy ordeal this week. We were working on cleaning up and organizing the shop yard. As we started moving stuff around we disturbed several wasp nests. I ended up getting stung in my upper right arm. Some of you might remember I was stung a few years ago on my hand and had a bad reaction. This time was 10x worse! My entire arm swelled up big, turned red and itchy, it was bad. Ended up going to urgent care. Taking meds for 5 days and prescribed an epi pen since we are worried how bad another sting could be.

These pictures are actually soon after the sting and before it got really bad but you get the idea....

Well that brings you up to date....

Take care everybody!!